My name is David and i’m the author of this website / blog. Yeah, no shit sherlock.

I am a passionate Software Engineer and Security enthusiast. I do enjoy trying out and poke around with different technologies and frameworks as well as develop my own random ideas. Some of these can be found at GitHub. Unfortunately I’m not as active as I once used to be. Family happens and priorities change I guess ☻

I do enjoy a good read regardless of the underlying format. A short and concise article can be just as helpful as a good book. However, I find myself always having a book right next to my bedside and reading pretty much every day, even if it is just for 30 minutes.

On the technical side of things, I’ve been a JVM (backend) engineer for the most part of my career, focusing mostly on Kotlin lately. However, I am very comfortable and familiar with both Java an Scala in the JVM land. Outside of it, I’m good with JavaScript/TypeScript, Shell and Go, which has been growing on me a lot.

As hobbies, as a sporty guy I’ve always been, I used to practice Powerlifting. Unfortunately, since it was very taxing, time consuming and the fact that age it’s not just a number - yeah, I’ve found that the hard way - my workouts have been mostly short and body-building alike, which is still very fun and demanding.
Of course, I also ❤️ hanging out and chill with my family (hey, my friends are also part of my family).

And that’s all folks, just an average joe as you can see, but hopefully you’ll find some of my posts interesting enough and are able to learn a thing or two together.
See you soon.

// David