About Me

Hey interwebz

My name is David and i’m the author of this blog (no shit sherlock).
I am a pationate Software Architect/Developer and Security enthusiast. My main programming language is Java. Nevertheless, I can code in other languages such as Python.

I do enjoy messing around and develop my own random thoughts, some of them can be found at my GitHub page. Although I haven’t been quite active lately as used to.

Also, I truly enjoy a god damn good article, which unfortunately is hard to find nowadays. I am really picky and selective, mostly due to not having that much free time anymore. MOOCs are also a big part of my continuous learning path.

As hobbies, as a sporty guy i’ve always been, I play futsal and practice powerlifting. The latter being my main sport nowadays, which typically is very taxing and time consuming. I also hanging out and chill with my family (hey, my friends are also part of my family).

That’s it interwebz, i’m just a regular guy as you can see, but hopefully you’ll find some of my posts interesting enough so we can learn a thing or two together.